Top 10 Tourist Attractions in New Zealand

Travel always brings a bunch of memories and fun. In this whole big world, there is no dearth of exploring beautiful and mesmerizing places. Every time we plan for a vacation the heart smiles, our soul is thrilled and our mind gushes with excitement.

With ample choices of fun destinations, we highly recommend planning your vacation in New Zealand. If you are looking for a one-of-kind holiday then the answer lies in the surreal travel spots in New Zealand.

For travellers, backpackers, party-lovers and honeymooners, there can’t be a better place for your holiday. New Zealand is the epitome of pristine alpine terrains, diverse landscapes, picturesque mountains and aqua-clear beaches. We can guarantee you won’t be regretting this choice.

Hold your breath! In this article, we promise to carry you through the beauty of the following Ten-holiday spots in New Zealand.

Piha Beach: It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Auckland, New Zealand among photographers, bloggers, surfers and Instagrammers. It is pure heaven, covered in black sand, with a rugged appearance and the Lion Rock makes it more attractive. There’s no need to mention that world-class surfers love to surf here and explore the beauty of Waitakere Ranges. After striking the waves, surfers treat themselves to one of the famous Piha cafes. Additionally, waterfalls, national parks and a lot more are here for you to explore.

Milford Sound: Undeniably, this place is labelled as the real exquisiteness of New Zealand. Those who are wondering about a gorgeous vacation spot in New Zealand can simply book tickets to this place. The true NZ experiences like the massive rainforest, lush mountains, uncountable gushing waterfalls and dolphin shows will blow your mind. A camera cannot do justice to the stunning beauty of this place. Everything here has a different aura and leaves you awe-struck at each viewing point.

Bay of Islands: If you want to spend the most memorable holiday of the year then you must visit the Bay of Islands. Counted amongst the best holiday destinations in New Zealand, this place is appropriate for locals and holidaymakers. Get ready to be stunned by the allure of a hundred and forty-plus islands. Numerous cruises run throughout the day and make sure you pick that visit to Paihia. If you are a water person, then you can do a little water adventure too. You will get to experience the fun with dolphins, whales and penguins for sure.

Tongariro National Park: You won’t be disappointed with the loveliness of this place since this is one of the must-visit vacation spots in New Zealand. Unlike anywhere in the world, here you will explore the never-seen landscape filled with volcanos. A perfect picturesque destination for photo lovers. For hikers, this place offers the immense beauty of three emerald lakes in addition to the magnificent Mount Ngauruhoe. Moreover, when you ain’t in the mood for hiking, take the helicopter flight and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Wellington: The Capital city, Wellington, is counted among the favourite travel spots in New Zealand. Everything is wonderful about this city including the weather, restaurants, tourist places and buzzing nightlife. If you like to wander during the day and chill after sunset, then the site is meant for you. From iconic shopping streets to dashing clubs, geeky museums and green places, your holiday experiences will be unique, to say the least.

Queenstown: This town doesn’t need any introduction. When it comes to having adventurous fun, this town is a win for all. Amongst many vacation spots in New Zealand, this cute yet busy town will definitely fulfil the holiday spirit at once. Make sure you carry extra data storage for pictures because this place is nothing but a Land of Dreams. Lavishing streets, soothing lakefronts and towering mountains; you will definitely be taken aback by the gorgeousness of Queenstown.

Christchurch: Whatever your age is, whosoever you are travelling with, this place offers fun for everyone. Plenty of attractions are there to make your holiday exciting and memorable. An ideal gateway to enjoy the South Island, enjoy historic tram rides, and explore NZ’s rarest dolphins. Don’t forget to book a safari and cherish the excitement at the Orana wildlife park. If you are travelling through many gorgeous holiday spots, make sure you pay your visit here in Christchurch.

Rotorua: Unquestionably, Auckland is full of amazing holiday spots in New Zealand, but Rotorua could add a unique charm to your holiday. On a short day trip from Auckland, you can find yourself enjoying bubbling mud pools and phenomenal rock formations. If you are interested in experiencing true village culture like Maori, then Mitai and Whakarewarewa are there to welcome you. Also, at Tamaki village, you can be a part of its traditional art and music culture. Don’t forget to savour the Hangi Meal dish, cooked in an underground pit.

Fiordland National Park: Since there are a plethora of holiday destinations in New Zealand, we are sure you will love Fiordland National Park. This place stands out amongst all since it is listed under the Te Wahipounamu UNESCO World Heritage site. Snow-covered mountains, enthralling tracks and vast areas of forest cover make the perfect four-day vacation. Also, check out the caves having glow worms close to the small town of Te Anau.

Down with plenty of options to explore, we are sure you will make the most out of your trip. Well, organizing and planning a memorable trip requires time and patience. And if you don’t want to miss any bit of NZ, then check the holiday packages online. Many travel companies often run good vacation deals at very competitive prices. Do grab it before it’s gone. Happy Holidaying!

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