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To get a quote for flight send us an email at support@manntravel.com.au. You can also give us a call on 1300 754 002 and talk to our Travel Expert for getting a quote. We are available round the clock to serve your needs.

Confirm your flight bookings 72 hours before your departure. You can confirm your bookings by the doing the following :

  • Click on Manage My Booking tab and follow the prompts.
  • Give us a call on 1300 754 002 and confirm your booking.
  • Call Airline service.

If you want to make any changes in your booking then go to Manage My Booking and fill in the details in the form which appears. Click on submit button. Your request will be acknowledged and the query will be resolved by our travel expert.

You can also mail us at datechange@manntravel.com.au or refund@manntravel.com.au for date change & refund respectively.

Someone from our team of travel expert will address your query within 48 hours. For any
urgent amendments give us a call at 1300 754 002.

You can use one the following mode of payments to pay for your flight charges :

  • Online Bank Transfer.
  • Credit card: We only accept Australian issue credit cards.
  • Credit Card fee: Master card & visa card incur a fee of 2% and American Express incurs a
    fee of 4%.
  • Cash: Visit our branch to pay cash.

Yes, you can book a ticket for the travel originating outside Australia by reaching us via mail or contacting us at 1300 754 002.

Difference airlines have different criteria for baggage allowance. It is always advisable to confirm it before you book your ticket. You are advised to check with our Travel consultant regarding baggage allowance before you purchase your ticket or you can also check the
baggage allowance on your e-ticket copy.

A cost for extra baggage can be paid at the airport as well, but it is cheaper to pay at the time of booking itself.

Many airlines allow you to check-in on-line for their flight which saves your time at the airport. You need to go to the airline’s website to check-in on-line and print your boarding pass. If your airline does not allow you for online check-in, then you have to do the check-in at the Airport.

For domestic flight, it is recommended that you arrive 90 minutes prior to the departure time.

For International Flight, it is recommended that you arrive 3 hours prior to the departure time.

Prices and availability are live on our website and the factors such as number of flights booked in that flights makes fare prices to change. The more flights are booked and departure date is coming nearer the flight prices increase.

The airline industry is highly competitive. There are many options available on most routes, and also lots of airline alliances (airlines that join together often called a codeshare) that offer different fare combinations.

You will receive your payment confirmation within a few minutes of making payment.  Your E Ticket itinerary will be emailed to you within 7 days of payment.  Most itineraries are issued within 24 hours but some fares do take longer.  If you have not received these documents, please check your spam and junk, and ensure that you used the correct email address.  If you think you have made an error with your email, please phone our Customer Care team. 

You can request this during the booking process or our Customer Care Team can request wheelchair assistance for travelers that require this service. Please advise the reasons for the request when you email us. You may have to supply some documentation to support the request.

For domestic flights, you should be at the airport at least 60 minutes prior to departure. If you are traveling on a domestic flight that is connecting to an onward international flight, you need to check-in at least one hour prior to departure. If you are checking into an international departure, allow at least two hours, or up to three hours at certain high security or high-density airports

You should always have a prescription for any medicines, hypodermic needles, inhalers etc that you require whilst you are on your journey, and keep them with your medications. The volume of your medication needs to comply with carry-on baggage allowances. Some common over the counter medications may not be allowed in certain countries. You should consult the customs and immigration websites of countries you are visiting.

This can vary depending on the circumstances of the cancellation, and also on the airline’s procedures. Some refunds can take up to 12 weeks or longer to get back from the airline. Many refunds can be processed within 10 working days. However, we cannot guarantee a specific time frame.

Your boarding pass is the document that allows you to get on the aircraft. You will get your boarding pass when you check-in for your flight. If you check-in online, you can often save your boarding pass electronically on your phone, but we always suggest having a paper copy as well.

This is generated when your booking is made. You will find it on your e-ticket which you will receive via email. You will need it if you want to access the airlines “Manage My Booking” site.

An e-ticket is an electronic version of a paper ticket. This is emailed through following making your booking. If you misplace it, please send a request through to our Customer Care Team for this to be resent to you. For international travel, it is suggested to take a paper copy of your e-ticket and itinerary to present at the check-in counter.

Should a schedule change (this is when an airline has a change from their original flight details) occur, you will be notified of this and provided with alternate flight options. If you are traveling within 96 hours please be sure to contact our Customer Care Team for updated information to avoid problems at the airport.

The airline no-show policy is that if you miss a flight on your ticket, all onward flights will be canceled without notice. You will be unable to use the rest of your ticket. Some airlines may reinstate the ticket for a fee if they are the only airline on the ticket. These fees can be very high. It is a good idea to have travel insurance as customers may be able to claim a loss, in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

In this case, the airline will offer an alternative option. If the option is not suitable to the customer, OR If the airline is unable to provide an alternative, we may be able to secure a full refund, this is subject to the airline policies and never a guarantee.

If your ticket covers all flights, the delaying airline is responsible for arranging your onward passage and sometimes accommodation if the delay is lengthy. You need to ask at their service desk and let them know so they can start to resolve your dilemma. If, however, you have separate tickets, you need to call our Customer Care Team urgently, so they can advise your options. Unfortunately, the onward airline does not have any responsibility for the delayed airline and will charge fees to make any changes required. You should still go to the delayed airline service desk to see if they will help you with your onward travel plans.

Although not common, flights do get canceled for a number of reasons. Mostly these are for the safety of passengers. The airline is responsible for your passage. They will rebook you on the next available flight or may even book you on an alternate airline if that is more suitable. Flight cancellations are always difficult to manage and resolution can take airline staff some time.

Should this occur please go to the airline service desk immediately. Ensure that you have your bag tags received at the time of check-in or baggage drop-off to provide the service desk as proof. Any insurance you have purchased may also help.

Only if the fare is refundable, normal penalties and fees will apply. If the fare is non-refundable, a refund on unused taxes may be possible.

Please call our Customer Care Team immediately for assistance. If you arrive late for your flight generally, your ticket may be lost as the airline may regard you as a ‘No-Show’ and your ticket may be forfeited. If you arrive late for your flight, and the airline has a later option, you should go to their service desk and see if they can help you.

Although uncommon, this may happen for a variety of reasons. Should this occur please contact our Customer Care Team and they will be able to assist you further. This commonly occurs when a traveler does not have the correct visa or documentation for the destination they are traveling to, or their passport has expired or does not have sufficient validity in it for the destination they are traveling to.

Your passport for international travel or valid photo ID for domestic travel, your itinerary with airline reference, and your boarding pass if you have done online check-in (not every airline has this option).

You need to contact your airline. You will need your e-ticket copy and itinerary. You may be asked for your boarding pass as well, so always ensure you keep this documentation until the points have been added to your account. Note that it can take several weeks after your flight for the points to be added. Some airlines allow you to add these online, please see your airline frequent flyer programme for full details.

Please check the airline website for a comprehensive list but items such as knives, scissors, darts and such like are amongst the prohibited item list.

Children’s fares have the same baggage allowance as adult fares. Generally, infants have different allowances or no checked baggage. Please consult the airline website for comprehensive information on child and infant allowances.

Infants are deemed as those travelers that have not reached the age of two at the time of travel completion. Infants do not get a seat. If you require a seat for an infant then you will need to book a child fare. You still enter the correct date of birth. If in doubt please check with our Customer Care Team.

Requests for bassinet seating vary from airline to airline. Generally, the infant has to be less than 6 months of age. We are happy to request this for you but cannot guarantee this option will be available. Please email our Customer Care team using the webform on our site.

If this should occur, please clear your cookies and browsing history before undertaking the booking again. It is suggested to have the most recent/updated version of your preferred browser to ensure that minimal issues are encountered. Chrome is our recommended browser.

If a booking is unsuccessful the payment method will not be charged. However, in the unlikely event that this occurs, please contact our Customer Care Team and they will be able to assist you further.

Yes, your information is protected by systems within compliance. For this reason, if you are applying for a refund some months after you made your booking, we may require your bank details to reimburse you as we do not hold your information for any length of time.

Your baggage allowance on each flight will be shown during the booking process. Please do not assume that all airlines on your itinerary have the same allowance.

If you fail to advise that you are not traveling on your scheduled flight you may be marked as a ‘no show’ and the rest of the flights on your itinerary may be canceled. This may mean you lose the value of your ticket or it may mean you may need to pay a larger than usual fee to change the dates of your flights.

Please let our Customer Care team know as soon as possible if you are unable to travel.

Payment options include Credit/Debit card or Internet Banking.

Login to the airline website and “manage my booking” and add extra baggage there, if that option exists. If you have issues doing this online, please email our Customer Care Team. Additional baggage costs extra, and this varies between airlines and destinations.

If you have lost your e-ticket or itinerary please contact our Customer Care Team and request for this to be resent through to you.

A valid passport is required for all international travel.

Children’s meals can be requested for travelers aged between two and 12 years of age. You can also request a baby or infant meal. Call or Email our Customer Care Team to add these requests to your booking.

We offer customers the opportunity to do seat selection after paying for the airfares. The cost varies on the type of seat selected. Seat selection is offered after payment for the airfare is made, this is a separate charge.

Not all airlines and airfares offer seat selection, and not all seat types are available for selection. You may also do seat selection directly on the airline website using your airline reference which is located on your E-Ticket. If you are unable to do seat selection after purchasing the ticket, you can generally do it when online check-in for your flight opens.

Requests for bassinet seating vary from airline to airline. Generally, the infant has to be less than 6 months of age. We are happy to request this for you but cannot guarantee this option will be available. Please email our Customer Care team using the webform on our site.

Generally, airlines do not allow for tickets to be transferred to another individual.

Basic meal types can be requested within the booking flow. Should you require a more specialized meal please request this via managing your booking on the airline’s website. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Care Team to undertake the request on your behalf. Please note that meal requests are never guaranteed and do vary between airlines.

This depends on the airline – the airline website will advise full details. Generally, you can check-in online between 24 and 72 hours prior to departure.

During the booking process, there is the opportunity to add a special assistance request to your booking. Should you require for this to be added post booking please send a request through to our Customer Care Team. Some airlines may require supporting documentation for special requests.

Yes, the airline will have a fee and we have a processing fee. 

Yes strollers are included in the luggage allowance for the infant/child.

We will be requesting the Airline for Bassinet, it is subject to airlines confirmation.

Infants can carry 10KG on international flights.

Yes there will be a separate check-in Queue for Business class ticket holders.

It closes 1 before departure time for both international and domestic flights.

It depends on the ticket conditions that you have booked. You need to see your ticket’s condition or contact our customer support for more details.

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