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Have you ever considered vacationing in Australia? Why sit at home and wonder where to fly for a solo, group or big family vacation? We are here to surprise you with gorgeous destinations surrounded by beautiful rivers, serene mountains and eye-pleasing attractions.

You will be overwhelmed seeing how huge Australia is and wondering which part to visit for a memorable time. Well, my friend, you can travel to South Australia and discover the best attractions there. Famous physiotherapists and experienced doctors believe that vacation is a health remedy, which helps in reducing stress and improving people’s health.

So, this time let’s get you on board with a perfect itinerary packed with amazing places to see in South Australia. With a heart full of vacation love, we have created a list of the attractions in South Australia for a perfect and memorable holiday. Stay tuned!

Art Gallery of South Australia: Absolutely one of the must-wander South Australia tourist attractions. This art gallery is extremely popular amongst tourists. Firstly, it lies in the heart of Adelaide city centre and secondly it displays the finest of Australia’s exquisite collection of art. It could be the perfect starting point to explore eminent works of famous artists, displayed on the walls of the gallery. Highlights of this place are sculpture, furniture, metalwork, paintings, photographs, ceramics, textiles and jewellery.

Flinders Chase National Park: Your search for discovering unique places to visit in South Australia may end here at Kangaroo Island. This island is covered with refreshing natural forests that are home to several wildlife creatures and bird species. However, one attraction that wins the hearts of many is Flinders Chase National Park. From the park’s waterways to dense forest, from remarkable hiking pathways to long-stretched boardwalks, a trip to this gorgeous site is always memorable. Also, at Cape du Couedic, you will be surprised by the spellbinding beauty of 1000-plus New Zealand fur seals available on land and water.

Seal Bay Conservation Park Tour: Another incredible place to visit in South Australia is Seal Bay, Conservation Park. You will be amazed to learn that a single place in the world to find a colony of Australian sea lions is Kangaroo Island. With the charm of walking alongside the beach and watching creatures enjoying the sand and surfing the waves. From guided tours to self-guided tours and twilight beach tours, all are available to make the most of your trip. Many wildlife photographers take the opportunity of the twilight tour to witness the impressive creatures. Also, you can enjoy gas barbeques and shelters at Bales Beach, which is just a short drive away from Seal Bay.

Tanunda’s German Heritage: When it comes to having several places to visit in South Australia during winter then do not overlook the delightfulness of Barossa Valley. Here, the hidden gem, Tanunda, retains German traditions for ages. Highly popular amongst tourists, this famous town has a plethora of food places, shops and comfortable accommodations. This town has a very interesting history to learn, subsequently, make your stay long. Enjoy the Tanunda town walk, and visit Barossa Museum and Regional Gallery to feel the quintessence of the town.

Kelly Hill Conservation Park: With lots of choices for hidden places in South Australia, there’s one place that will never disappoint you. You can definitely add the Barossa Valley tour to your itinerary and pay your visit to Kelly Hill Conservation Park. This place is known for its unseen and touched limestone cave system which captivates holiday-makers’ attention worldwide. You can learn about the formation of stalagmites, crystallized columns and stalactites with the help of guided tours. Also, there are walking trails available on the ground, enabling claustrophobics to enjoy the beauty of the cave.

Glen Forest: Exploring family holiday destinations in South Australia? Count on Port Lincoln. One attraction, which is highly famous amongst families, is Glen Forest. Families with kids love spending time here exploring different kinds of farm animals including Australian Natives. Feed those cute creatures and play with them like the best bud. A home sweet home for everyone who loves animals. It can make up for a perfect day to play golf or enjoy Segway tours. Barbeques entice people, allowing them to relax, chat and feel nature. Don’t forget to savour the farm-wrenched wine to satiate your drinking desires.

Whaler’s Way: It is one of the best destinations in South Australia, situated under the Eyre Peninsula. This place is quite famous for its stunning cliffs and coastline bays. Though it’s a driving route, every stop has a lot to discover and stunning views. Spend the dawn time there and live the heavenly beauty of the sunset when its rays get mixed with the water. The blend of huge waves and the sun rays hitting the cliff surprises everyone with a dreamy view. Fur Seals and Whales are the highlights of this area as well.

Umpherston Sinkhole: When it comes to selecting the best places to stay in South Australia, Mount Gambier is full of surprises. While staying here, do make sure you check out the famous attraction, which is Umpherston sinkholes. You can never be prepared for the scenic beauty of this sinkhole. In the 18th century, limestone caves fell, and it turned out to be a beautiful garden in Australia by James Umpherston. Walk and admire its beauty with your friends and family. Don’t forget to watch hundreds of possums coming out at night to feed. This sinkhole is far better than the other fifty-plus sinkholes sited in the whole of Mount Gambier.

Undoubtedly, South Australia offers a one-of-a-kind vacation. If you are exploring places to go in South Australia for the weekend then the above-mentioned spots are perfect. Amazing attractions to enjoy while unwinding the stress by connecting with nature.

Make sure you book the perfect holiday package for your adventure from one of the travelling companies. Don’t forget to enquire about the best places to visit in South Australia in winter and summer both and plan your holiday accordingly.

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