How to Get Last-Minute Deals on Flights and Hotels

Looking for cheap holiday packages and cheap tickets is not rocket science and a lot of people have mastered the technique. However, getting last-minute deals can be a tad tricky, especially for those who do not have a lot of time to spend scouring the web. Below are quick guidelines on how to get last minute deals on flights and hotels.

Sign Up for Last Minute Deal Sites

A lot of booking sites these days are dedicated to helping travelers find the best possible price for last-minute trips. For those who often take business or leisure trips on a moment’s notice, it pays to be a subscriber to regular alerts for deals on flights, whether local or international. Airlines would always prefer to sell out seats for every flight, which prompts them to lower the price significantly for canceled or rescheduled tickets. Signing up for alerts on this type of deal allows you to take advantage of extremely cheap airfare whenever you need it. There are also mobile apps that send out such alerts, so you can get deals even when on the go.

Consider Getting Holiday Packages for Groups

If you are traveling with family and/or friends, there is a better chance of getting flight and hotel deals even on very short notice. Package rates are offered to large groups (usually 5 people or more), since airlines and hotels are able to land sales without spending too much on customer acquisition.

Book a One Way Flight

Round-trip tickets tend to cost more than one-way journeys because you are guaranteed a flight back. If you are projecting your return trip to be just as unpredictable, you should opt for a one-way flight, which can be so much cheaper.

Book a Flight and Hotel Separately

If you cannot find a cheap flight bundled with a cheap hotel, you can still save money by booking them separately. Find a flight that is closest to your desired travel time, then book a hotel near the area immediately after successfully getting a ticket. It may not be what you are used to, but it addresses your need for immediate air travel and accommodations, in addition to saving a ton of money in the process.

Go for Accommodation Bidding Sites

If you prefer getting the best price and there is no issue with what kind of accommodation you get, hotel bidding sites are a great option. You get to name your price (whatever suits your budget), and you are given results for the specific area you intend to stay in. The accommodations are often in the low to mid-range but if happen to travel during off-peak seasons, there is a chance you can land three-star hotels or better.

Cheap hotel and airfare deals are everywhere these days and customers only need to know where to look. It is always best to keep track of travel trends, specifically when it comes to new websites that offer tremendous discounts during certain months. The information you seek is always at your fingertips, but you can save more money if you have all the latest tricks and hacks at your disposal at any given time.

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