Exploring Hidden Gems: Offbeat Travel Destinations In Fiji

The Pacific Ocean has some of the most pristine islands in the world. Out of the many pacific island countries, Fiji is a destination that is perfect for travellers looking for a chilled-out vacation. With more than 100 islands, Fiji boasts exquisite coral reefs, palm-lined beaches, and lagoons. If you are planning a holiday at a beach destination, then Fiji is the place to be.

We have curated a list of top Fiji tourist spots for you to make the most out of your vacation in Fiji. Check out the most desired destinations in Fiji below:

Yasawa Island: With a shoreline gleaming with white sand and coral reefs, Yasawa island is one of the top Fiji tourist attractions. Situated in the Yasawa archipelago, it is the northernmost island. The most popular way of getting to the island is to take a ferry from the Fiji mainland. The island has great beaches, namely, the Eight-month beach and Blue lagoon beach along with numerous adventure sports such as snorkelling and scuba diving.

Fiji Museum: If you are in the capital city of Suva then visiting the Fiji Museum is a must. Amongst the various Fiji tourist places, it is the one where you’ll get to learn the most about the history and heritage of the country. It also has an impressive library and archive with historical documents, more than 12000 books and photographs. With findings as old as 3500 years, the museum will easily take 2-3 hours of your time to fully explore. There are also accounts of the cannibalism period in Fiji and how it was eradicated along with various artefacts from its colonial period. There is a botanical garden as well on the premises.

Mamanuca Islands: The getaway destination for anyone in Fiji, these islands are nothing less than overwhelming fun. Having been featured in numerous films and TV shows, the beautiful beaches on the island are a sight to behold. The island is located just a little further from the west coast of Viti Levu. Also, there are many resorts on the island that can make up for a relaxing time away from any stress or trouble. Additionally, all sorts of adventurous activities are available here, like snorkelling, watersports, surfing, scuba diving etc.

Colo-I-Suva Forest Park: If you are bored of the beaches and need a change of scenery then you can visit the Colo-I-Suva forest park which is a preserved rainforest in Fiji spanned across 2.5 sq. km. There are long strolling trails along the park where you can witness nature at its best. With miniature waterfalls to natural pools, it is a thriving space for local flora and fauna. The park was recently visited by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, in October 2018.

Bouma National Heritage Park: You can find many waterfalls in this pack with the tallest one being 78 feet tall. Situated on Taveuni Island, the reserve covers around 500 sq km of the area filled with tropical beauty. You will also find some of the rarest plants on this island among other unique things in this ancient rainforest. You can also follow an hour-long trail that will take you to all three major waterfalls on the island, as you admire the greenery around you.

Sawa-I-Lau Caves: Said to be the home to the ancient Fijian god Ulutini, these caves are nothing but mesmerizing. The caves are located towards the north of the Yasawa islands along the west coast of the island of Sawa-i-Lau. The caves are still considered sacred by the locals. The blue lagoons around the caves give a surreal look to the whole location. There are also some stalls set up here for handcrafted artefacts as the number of tourists visiting the place has increased. Entry is regulated and only a few dozen of people are allowed to enter at a given time in order to preserve the beauty of this marvellous site.

Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple: With a sizable Hindu population, you will find many Hindu temples on the Fiji mainland. Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple is the largest Hindu temple in the southern hemisphere and exhibits a Dravidian design with beautiful carvings on the building. The main statue in the temple was imported from south India and is exceptionally carved. The temple offers a soothing environment where you can meditate and calm your mind. Constructed in 1913, the temple is dedicated to Lord Subramaniya Swami, the son of Lord Shiva.

Beqa Lagoon: Out of the many Fiji travel destinations, Beqa lagoon is the one that you must not skip. It is one of the most popular destinations for divers around the world and is often referred to as the “mecca of Pacific diving”. One reason for its popularity is the abundance of opportunities for spotting a shark. From bullhead sharks to tiger sharks along with other unique aquatic life, the lagoon is a great experience in Fiji. You can also enjoy kayaking and snorkelling around the area if sharks are not your cup of tea.

Cannibal Caves: Another popular Fiji travel site are the cannibal caves. The caves are full of art and are located close to the shore and cliffs. There are many paintings inside the caves which portray ancient ships and sacred animals. The cave derives its name from the brief history of cannibalism that occurred in Fiji and the remains of cannibalized people could be found on the island. Now, the place is mostly known for its pristine pacific outlook, cliffside trails and ancient paintings inside the cave.

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