10 Travel Essentials Which You Need to Carry on an Overseas Trip

If you’re dreaming of booking plane flights to an exotic overseas destination or are keen to book a once-in-a-lifetime holiday package, continue reading to discover ten things that you need to carry with you on an overseas trip.

Portable Smart Phone Battery Pack

To avoid having your smartphone die, just before you’re about to take a photo of a beautiful sunrise or a famous landmark, ensure to pack a portable battery pack. Carrying a portable battery pack will also allow you to research sights and attractions on the go.

Travel Pillow

Not only are travel pillows handy on long-haul flights and long coach-style bus journeys but they’re also useful when you find a hotel or resort’s pillows too hard or too soft.

Wall Adapter

If you want to be able to charge your smartphone and camera and use electronic devices from home such as a hair straightener, ensure to pack a wall adapter that will allow you to use your devices overseas. As power sockets vary throughout the world.

Portable Clothesline

On the odd occasion that your hotel doesn’t offer laundry services, you can use a portable clothesline to hang up hand-washed clothes in your hotel room.

Passport Cover

Whilst traveling it’s crucial to protect your most valuable possession, your passport. Protect your passport by investing in a leather passport case, that will prevent your passport from becoming worn and torn.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is useful if public restrooms run out of toilet paper and can be also used to sanitize any bug bites and scratches that you may incur. You may also want to sanitize your hands after touching animals or exploring the great outdoors.

Large scarf

Not only can a fashionable scarf dress up your outfit but it can also be used as a blanket for long-haul travel and can be used by women, to visit temples or churches, where ladies are expected to cover their knees and shoulders.

Fold-able sunglasses

Some fashion brands such as Ray-Ban offer a range of fold-up sunglasses which will take up little room in your handbag or backpack. Which is handy if you want to carry around a small bag. As a bonus, you’re also less likely to break fold-up sunglasses.

A pen

You’ll be surprised at how many times you’ll need a pen. As an example, you’ll need a pen to fill out customs forms, each time you enter a new country and you’ll need a pen to fill out health and safety forms and waivers, each time you partake in an adventurous activity such as parasailing or horse riding. A pen may also be useful to mark a map.

A portable rain jacket or parka

Regardless of whether you’ve paid for a holiday package to a sun-soaked beach resort or have brought cheap tickets to Canada, you should never leave the country without a rain jacket or parka. Why not invest in a lightweight jacket which can be folded into a small, lightweight travel pouch?

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